بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

The beauty of a woman is beyond her physical appearance. Her value does not depend on her looks. Her value does not depend on the acceptance and validation of other people. She is more than the gorgeous eyes you see, more than the lovely smile you catch, more than the beautiful clothes she wears, more than the perfume you smell as walks by, more than the nail polish she wears. Her beauty is beyond her physical appearance.

You can tell her she’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, she’s stunning. She might smile, but deep down, she may feel unsatisfied. Because of all of the qualities she possesses, you only noticed what appeared on the surface. But what about her character, her personality, that way she carries herself. Doesn’t that matter too? What about what makes her different from the rest, her emaan? Her faith?

A woman is a valuable creature. Now and forever. It is from her that generations will come about. It is from her that man enters into the world. She’s the school, the playground, the hospital, everything that a child would need to fully grow into a healthy human being.

Her value is more than the beauty she possesses. She is a role model for generations to come. Her beauty is a thing to be preserved, for the right people. It’s a fascinating thing, her beauty, but not for everyone to enjoy. No, just the right ones can enjoy. Eyes wouldn’t mind keeping some of it for themselves, but no. That’s not how it should be.

Sometimes, it’s for selfish motives. Some think they can use a woman’s beauty solely for their purpose. And when she is no longer beautiful, or they find another more beautiful, they leave, as if all she was meant for were her looks to entertain.

Some think that a woman’s purpose is to serve another man’s agenda. But she’s here for more than just that, to serve Allah and use the blessing of beauty she’s been given in the way Allah would be pleased for her to use.

If we knew just how precious a woman was, just how precious her beauty was, we wouldn’t see what we see today. If women knew just of how much value they are, they’d think differently about what they reveal about themselves. They would know that their self-worth is not dependent on the pleasure of another person.

But that is our condition today. We seek the approval and acceptance of others. We want to be accepted by others; we want to be loved. And if we get that love, then we feel we are ‘someone of value.’ Some believe that once they see that someone is attracted to their charms, then they become a person of value.

Have we gone to this level, where we call for others, where we lower ourselves, our standards, our morals for the validation of another human being? Have we gloried others so much that that at their pleasure and displeasure is the code we live by, to forever please another person? Have we enslaved ourselves for the people?

The nature of a woman is so beautiful that even if she was covered, she would still shine. Even if no one saw her charms, she’s still a beauty, a woman of value. All eyes don’t have to give approval for a thing to be of value and importance.

But we think that we can only shine when shown the world that we live in. Think about the things people chase after to have for themselves. Gold, silver, diamonds. Are these things easily attainable and easily seen? But yet their value remains. Are these things shown to the world? They’re hidden, deep within the layers of the earth. Excruciating work is done to extract them. They shine, even when they’re hidden from eyes. But we still know of their value without us having to see it.

Even in the sea. Corals and Pearls. Are they on the surface of the water wishing and hoping the world would look at them so they would know their value? You find them in the depths of the sea. Hidden. In a nutshell, you’ll find the most precious of things hidden, not for everyone to see, and not so easily attainable. And hence you see it’s value and worth.

But the beauty of a woman is much more precious than that. And her beauty is meant to be hidden from the world except her family and the man who is there to love and protect her, her husband. To everyone else, they are not worthy of seeing such beauty. In that way, she is not compromising herself for the approval of others. Rather she is fulfilling the command of her lord.

I ask Allah to preserve us and keep us steadfast. ☺

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