Today I am going to write about the challenges faced by Muslim teenagers living in the world. The reason of writing about teenage is that, in this age, we all feel super excited, super happy and what not. During our teenage, life seems so easy and a bed of roses. Life seems so adventurous and what not.

The teen-age is a defining moment for that particular person. We usually get attracted to the things that are wrong. During the teenage, we all came across certain challenges,
Sometimes we deal with them in a very good way, sometimes we don’t. Believe you me; this is just a matter of our mind and our self-control.


The world today has turned into a global village with all the technological advancement. There is no doubt in that technology has made our lives easier but it all came at a price. There are certain challenges associated with it. Especially when one is in her/his teenage, these challenges are difficult to cope with.

There are no hard and fast rules to face such challenges but I can guarantee one thing and this the more you connect yourself with Allah (Swt), the fewer challenges you are going to face. Furthermore, the life of this world is not permanent, we all know this reality. There is no second opinion in this. Then definitely the things, emotions, attractions related to this life and world are temporary. Why not we connect ourselves will Allah (Swt). He only wants good for us. Associate you with Him and you won’t be disappointed.

The more we connect with the people, the more challenges we create for ourselves (that are not present in the first place). Talking about Muslim Teenagers living in non Muslim, Muslims living in Europe might have different friends from all the sects and religions. They might encounter certain events that are truly unfavorable such as friends going out and offer you a drink. What would you do next? How would you say no to them?

One way is that you can simply avoid such gatherings, if you cannot do so, you can simply and politely say them that you can’t drink and that is strictly prohibited in Islam. This is just a onetime answer. Next time they won’t ask you to do.

Summarizing the above, I would like to say that during our teenage we came across certain challenges, the best way to face these challenges is to avoid such gatherings. Talk less, and connect yourself with Allah (Swt).

Jazak Allah Khair

UAalim Team

ramsha warsi

4A. NUST. Moody. Bossy. Blessed with the Best.

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