This article is in continuation of my previous article, “The Death is Inevitable”. There is another question that came to my mind, how can we prepare for the moment?  Being a Muslim, we all believe in death. Another way round, Non-Muslims die too.  The bottom line is that we cannot avoid death. It is the bitter reality.

The answer is very straightforward, but we insist on making this complicated.  The thing that would only matter at the end is our Deeds, Believe, faith and our Iman.

All mentioned in Quran, and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) has set an example to live a perfectly simple yet ideal life. We have both theoretical and practical implementation of living an Ideal life in front of us. Therefore, it is our duty that we must take advantage of our life before it’s too late. We have this life; we can use this life to be successful in the life hereafter. And how can we be successful? Quran and Sunnah. We must live this life in such a manner that we don’t regret at that time. On the other hand, if we don’t live this life in a constructive way then we have wasted our chance no matter how many degrees we have, job or big house whatsoever.

After death, nothing can go with us, neither the family nor the wealth or status but our deeds whether good or bad. So why not we make sure we go with our good deeds? Allah has clearly told us in Quran about life and its bitter realities.

Consider an example when we purchase a new mobile phone, it always comes up with the user manual on how to use it, precautions and safety, etc. similarly we have given this life, and the user manual of this life is Holy Quran. Every issue, point, aspect of life explicitly covered in this Book.

If we live by these rules, we are successful for sure otherwise we are not. It is simple as that.

I would like to say that, as we live our life we come closer to our death with each passing second. Time would not pause or stop neither it would return.

It’s better to correct ourselves than having a regret at the end, and wishing for one more chance to start over again.

Jazak Allah Khair

ramsha warsi

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