While creating a course online, there are several fears, doubts in anyone’s mind. And that is totally obvious and feeling that way is totally normal. Will I be good? Can I teach? How can I design the whole course outline? How am I going to do this? What effective method of teaching am I going to adopt?  Feeling that way is totally normal.

In this article, I am going to talk about certain unreasonable fears one by one. I hope by the end of this article, you will be able to overcome them.

Fear 01: My idea of making a course is not good enough

One of the most usual and common fear that we all came across in our daily life is that doubting ourselves. In simpler words, thinking that their idea is not good enough to make an online course and believing that what they want to teach is discussed many times on the internet and what not.

For starters, we believe that everything in Islam is teachable. And there are people that keenly want to learn the topics of Islam. Don’t decide before making a course. Decide after the course; go through your course contents
once again (For your satisfaction). Share your valid queries with us.

If you are still confused about the idea/topic of your course, I would suggest to research and get

to know about your audience online simply by looking at the Social Networking websites.

A great place for finding out the audiences likes/dislikes plus their comments are as follows:

 Facebook pages/groups

 Twitter

 Google+ communities

 Youtube Channels

After researching enough, you will definitely come up a topic of your choice also keeping in mind the audience’s interest.

Fear 02: Not an Expert

Nobody is perfect and nobody can claim that he/she is the expert of Islam. Every Muslim is in a process of learning. We learn different things with each passing day. Some people have more knowledge about certain issues of Islam while some lack. Sharing your knowledge with others is what UAalim is all about. If this fear is holding you back then you must get rid of this fear.  Expert is not the only criteria for creating an online course. Having relevant knowledge is enough. And may be a grasp on your area of interest in which for are creating the whole course.

There are two types of incomes that you can earn while creating a course;

01: Direct Income: Earning direct from having more audiences (70% of the total profit earned by


02: Indirect Income: If giving lectures online, helps the audiences in making their life better. It

you are a source of bringing positive energy in your audience/student’s life.

With UAalim, you can have a chance to earn direct and indirect income.

Fear 03: Putting my work online

The third fear that came in anyone’s mind while launching a course online is that they are too afraid to put their designed course online and that is obvious to some extent. This fear is totally normal, uploading a course online requires strong willpower. But there has to be one, to overcome this fear and step out their comfort zone, and do something for own good and more specifically for everyone out there’s good.

You know what happen’s when you don’t share your knowledge/art? It stays right there! Nothing happens. No good can come out of this. Your knowledge stays on the bookshelf and in your brain or in your computer. Nothing gets changed.

The world will remain the same and so is everything. Above all, you will never get better. You won’t learn anything if you don’t share. We learn more by sharing our knowledge to others. It helps in making us a better human being. We learn more by practical implementation.

Following guidelines will help in you in overcoming this fear

 Determine work deadlines by yourself for yourself

 Plan and Research about your course

 After completing the course, ask for the feedback (So that you could improve the course more)

 Ask for your colleagues review

 Discuss your plan with similar minded fellows

Above mentioned guidelines are only for those who are facing this fear. If you are not facing this fear, good enough. You are ready to work. But if you have some reservations, research and overcome your fear because no good can come out of your fear. The sooner you realize, the better it will be for you.

Plan, research, review and discuss and you are ready to work with UAalim team.

Fear 04: Have less know-how about creating a course online

You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to creating an online course. UAalim just expects knowledge skill set from you, basing on your area of interest. We will produce you proper guidance at each step.

We will motivate you enough to do better.

In the end of this article, I would like to say Life starts only when you decide to step out of your comfort zone. Everybody has fears especially when it comes to making an online course.

We want nothing but you to overcome this fear.

Hoping to hear from you sometime soon.

Jazak Allah Khair