My Muslim brothers and sisters, I hope you all will be doing fine. I want to talk about “Building Relationship with Allah (SWT)”.
In our life, there comes a point where we feel disconnected with Allah (SWT). I know the thing came into your mind, what can be the possible indication for this? The answer to this can vary.

For me, when you feel unhappy with no reason, when you feel uncomfortable or when to feel down. It is clear cut indication that you have lost your connection with Allah (SWT). I think “Lost” is the word that describe the best our weak connection with Allah (SWT).

What does lost mean? Lost means forgetting a particular thing similarly lost connection with Allah (SWT) means that the connection is still there, but we have failed to maintain our relationship with Allah (SWT). How can He, the most merciful break this regard?

There can be many steps for building this connecting with Allah (SWT). I have listed very familiar yet critical steps for creating a strong connection with Allah (SWT). There can be many more ways of doing so. But these are common yet very fundamental ways.

Pray five times a day

Praying five times a day is our obligation. Try to pray five times a day. If you cannot then, I would suggest! Start praying now and don’t wait for tomorrow.

Take baby steps

plan a good deed each day, and try do it. Read half a page of Quran, daily. Don’t stop yourself from doing so. In sha Allah, at the end, you will see improvement

Say Alhamdullilah

Just take a moment and think about the last time you have been grateful to all the blessings of Allah (SWT). You cannot remember, right? Say Alhumdulilah as much as you can. Even when you think you are having the worst days of your life. You will still find something to be thankful for. So count your blessings.

Say Astagfirullah

Start saying Astaghfirullah as much as you can. Going home from work, stop listening to music and start saying Astaghfirullah.

Make Friends

Make friends who constantly remind you of Allah (SWT). Talk to them more often, you will see a drastic change in yourself.

In the end, I would like to summarize this by saying, Building a connection with Allah (SWT) is not that difficult. A little effort and a real intention are more than enough.
Pray. Alhumdulilah. Astagfirullah. REPEAT!
Simple enough? YES! It is that simple.

Jazak Allah Khair

ramsha warsi

4A. NUST. Moody. Bossy. Blessed with the Best.

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