Thousands of instructors are running different experiments to get more students for their courses. Here are some unique ideas to help instructors to grow their students and audience

As a marketing instructor, each day I still get asked: “What’s the best medium to increase the audience?” here is good news for all the instructors that others have paved your way to increase your audience using various platforms across the web. So just tap into them and advertise your content.

In this blog I am going to discuss different tested tactics through which you can increase your audience just try them, each will take your 15 minutes. Pick few tactics and try them out. These mediums can help you to increase your customers for just above any kind of product or service.

Before using these tactics just choose a few highlighted pieces of content like blogs, presentations or free lessons and be open to giving them away for free.

If you have knowledge about more tactic I have not mentioned then try to share your experience with us, the more we share the more we will be able to save our time.

Let’s get started!

1. Postings to LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn is one of the way in which when you publish anything it will send notifications to all of your link din connections and that can help you to get traffic back to your website as you are using your connection to share your content with others.


2. Contribute to an online community.

Internet is full of communities related to each topic where people ask questions, share their knowledge etc. just post your content there and that will help you to increase your audience.

Here are some examples:

When you find your related community or group only share your valuable content there and find a elegant way to linking to your site.

Post your video on YouTube along with your course link

YouTube is the biggest platform and amongst the most famous search engines, so if you have recorded videos quickly upload your videos there. Add keyword to your video title for which your audience is searching for and also give link of your course in the description.


Answer a question on Quora.

Quora is a platform full of people searching for some answers. Choose question on your specialized topic, and provide a relevant answer along a link to your course.

Schedule social media posts.

Create and manage social media accounts like twitter, Facebook advertise your course there, join different groups share your content there this will help you a lot in increasing your audience.

 Post in a directory.

There is variety of directories post your content there.

Some example directories are:

 Share your presentation on Slide Share.

If you are using presentation in your course then upload it on slide share along with a link of your website.

No need to upload entire presentation just post some highlighted content to grab audience



Email your personal network.

Many people overlook their own social network like family members and friends when it comes to promoting your product.

These are one of the best places to start—after all, these are the individuals who care about you. So email your content to your social circle and ask them to promote your content too.