Asalamo Alaykum, I hope you are all doing fine. Today I am going to write a little about connection with Allah (Swt). The reason behind my “little” is that this “Connection with ALLAH (Swt)” topic is very vast. One can only try to cover the whole topic. So here I am, trying my best to cover this topic.

Connection with Allah (Swt) is the most important yet beautiful connection one can ever had. Unfortunately, that connection is neglected the most. One might ask Why? The answer to this why is very complicated, and it varies from one individual to other individual. Why do we neglect this? Why do we prefer worldly matters more? Why it is so hard for us to pray and take out time for Allah (Swt)? The answer is that because we are so involved in life of this world, because we put our worldly life before the life hereafter. I am not pin pointing anyone. I am speaking for myself and anyone who can relate to this.

Muslims should have a strong connection with Allah (Swt) and why is that so, simply because we need that connection to succeed in this life and hereafter not Allah (Swt). We must connect to our Creator. He wants nothing but the best for us here and hereafter. Have you ever seen your mother loving you? Can you just imagine the intensity of Allah’s love for us? No one cannot. But you can doubt your mother’s feelings for you? Can you think that her love is not pure?

No one cannot doubt the feelings of mother nor suspect her love and good intentions for us.

Now concentrate on this line that Allah loves him beings 70 times more than a mother loves her child. Not 1 not 2 but seventy times, Yes He loves us that much.  So we connect with our mother right? Whenever we feel down, sad happy, we have to talk to our mothers no matter what.

So connecting yourself with Allah (Swt) is way important than our imagination.

In the end I would like to summarize that Nothing in this world is permanent. Not even a single thing. The things of this world are nothing more than a deception. Yet we still plan and live in this world like we are going to live here forever. We associate ourselves with people, things and what not. We all do that, ignoring this fact.


Connection with Allah (Swt) is very important. Nobody can love you as much as He does. And no one can think the best for you as He does. Make  Him important in your life. And see the difference.

Will continue this topic again sometime soon.


Jazak ALLAH Khair


UAalim Team

ramsha warsi

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