Do you want to earn money plus making yourself satisfied about your work? 

Do you want to be known as a recognized Islamic instructor on a reliable platform?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article/ I will give you a precise overview about making, designing a course about Islam and joining us ( )

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The very initial stage of working with UAalim is that getting in touch with UAalim team. UAalim team co coordinators’ will take an interview. Will give you overview about “how does UAalim plat form works for teachers”? And “How u could work for UAalim”?

After this the following steps must be keep in mind for designing course outline.



 Determining the desired course content:

  1. The right topic– The thing UAalim provides you is the freedom of choice. You can pick the topic/course of your choice. If you can’t think of a course, you can browse the most popular yet important topics of your interest and your expertise.
  2. Recognizing your targeted audience – Identify the level of your course, whether the difficulty or understanding level is easy hard or in between i.e. for newly converted to Islam, or already Muslims but need to learn more about Islam or some Muslims that know about Islam but have certain questions/confusions that need to be answered.
  3. Choosing a unique attracting title: the very important stage of the whole designing the course is its title. Title matters the most. It not only grasp the attention of the audience but also keep them interested throughout the article. So title must be precise but descriptive and catchy enough.
  4. Identify the content of the Course: after deciding the title of the course determine the content of the course

Quality Content is a must:

  1. Video and Audio Recording and quality: To give the audience a phenomenal lecture. Make sure the sound and video quality are excellent because that’s how you are going to interact them. Audio must be clear without any interruptions.

Author’s up to dated profile:

This is the point where the audience will get to know about the teacher (that uploaded the lecture). You must update your profile. What are your interest, plus your experiences if you have none, then update about your qualifications. You aim and objectives. This will aid in getting potential audiences. Then they will trust your lecture more.

Summarizing the above article in few steps are as follows

  • Deciding the specific course of your choice on which you are going to give lecture, also give details of course. Recognizing the targeted audience. And selection of a unique topic.
  • Quality of lecture must be keep in mind. video as well as audio must be excellent.
  • Course summary must be brief to the point. Teacher’s profile must be up to dated.

May Allah (S.w.t) guide us to the straight path.

Jazak’ Allah Khair