Mother’s lap is the first learning centre of a child. Children’s are the reflection of parents.

An incredible story of mother’s thought, the story of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani. Once upon a time, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani was travelling with the caravan. Suddenly the gang of thieves surrounded and asked him “do you have anything with you”. He told them about the gold coins that his mother stitched under his shirt. Thieves asked him why you speak the truth about your coins. He replied his mother advise him never to lie.  Thieves ashamed and repented to Allah.

So parents should teach their children’s manners, and it is the duty of parents to become an example for their children’s.

ALLAH tells us in Quran about the advice of Syedna Luqman which he gave to his son

“And remember when Luqman said to his son, and he used to advise him, “O my son! Never ascribe anything as a partner to Allah; indeed ascribing partners to Him is a tremendous injustice.” [Luqman 31:13]

Then after some verses, the advice continues:-

“O my son! If the evil deed is equal to the weight of a mustard-seed, and even if it is in a rock, or in the heavens, or wherever in the earth, Allah will bring it forth; indeed Allah knows everything and All-Aware. O, my son! Keep the prayer established, and enjoin goodness and forbid from evil, and be patient upon the calamity that befalls you; indeed these are acts of great courage. And do not contort your cheek while talking to anyone, nor boastfully walk upon the earth; indeed Allah does not like any boastful, haughty person. And walk moderately and soften your voice; indeed the worst voice is the voice of the donkey.” [Luqman 31:16-19]

Never misbehave in front of children’s instead control them and be an example for them. Nowadays parents give too much freedom to their children’s which is not beneficial for them instead it is destroying their kids, but parents realize it too late. Being humble and affectionate to your family is one thing but letting them doing anything according to their wish is not affection rather it is harmful to children’s.

Teach your children’s Islamic way of spending the life. Teach them the names of Allah when they can speak. Before, mothers would put their children to sleep by chanting “Allah – Allah”, but now it is by shamefully playing the music on the radio.

Teach them how to pray, teach them Five Declarations (Kalemat), Concise Faith (Imane Mujmal), complete faith (Imane Mufassal). Teach them the ways and rules of ablution and bathing. Never argue with your spouse in front of your children’s, because kids always try to copy the parents. Offer prayer in front of them, recite Quran and take them to the mosque and tell them the stories of our pious predecessors.

It’s time to re-invest the ethics of Islam.