By the grace of Allah (SWT), the season of blessings is back! Muslims across the globe are availing of this matchless opportunity to collect countless rewards from dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn. It’s a month of increased worship and recitation of the Qur’an and zikr, which is evident from the mounting attendance in the masaajid across the world.

Make the right choices

Getting the best out of Ramadan, however, can be a little challenging. An important factor that most of us tend to forget is our diet and nutrition. This includes the types of food we eat at suhoor. One important question each one of us should ask is this: Are we eating the right kind of food, or are we just filling our bellies to capacity? While eating suhoor is an act of Sunnah that must be followed, it is also important that we make the right choices for a healthy suhoor when we sit down to eat.

Foods rich in energy

Why is that important? Well, since our aim is to pick as many rewards as we can while fasting, don’t we need enough energy to carry out the acts of worship throughout the day as well as a good portion of the night? Which explains why we need foods that are rich in energy and nutrition. So let’s be specific. What exactly do we need to eat for a healthy suhoor?

1. A balanced diet

There could be a million ideas and an equal number of food combinations that one can choose from. But the basic principle will not change. Go for foods that are rich in energy. Foods that are balanced. Foods that are nutritious. To be more specific, foods that are rich in fiber; like brown and wholemeal grains, vegetables, and fruits. And do not forget proteins, like eggs and chicken. To keep you hydrated throughout the day, drink enough liquids at suhoor. And what better liquid than water. But other liquids like smoothies and shakes are halal too. So go for them if you can. A note of caution: no added sugar please if you really intend for a healthy suhoor.

2. Easy and doable

You do not have to be a nutritionist to know what’s good for your physical health. Ramadan is a great opportunity for you to review your dietary habits and transform them to benefit you the most. Foods that are rich in energy will keep you super active throughout the day and facilitate you in performing all the devotional acts and prayers as well as enable you to spend quality time with your spouse and kids at home. Try these healthy shoot tips and you will see a positive and rewarding change in your life in sha Allah.