PageLines- uaalim_fav_icon.pngIn today’s article I am going to let you know about what UAalim is all about. UAalim Online is a branch of Al Quran classes. AlQuran classes are known as providing excellent services to its valuable listeners and audiences. We not only consider our audiences/listeners important but also our team. We think that team is equally important. We provide equal guidance at each stage if the team member or the teachers having any kind of query regarding designing and uploading a course.

If you are a teacher and have a strong grip about religious courses then you can publish your own designed course through us. If you are a knowledge holder, then shares it with those who wish to seek knowledge is among the best deeds I think. If someone’s life changes in a better and positive way because of you. Can you imagine the level of satisfaction you will have? Be a part of this effort and let us be a part of this act of kindness too.

We believe in working as a team. Contact us and get in touch with our team. UAalim is providing you the 70% of the total amount earned on UAalim . And we encourage the teachers and scholars to be innovative in the whole course designing process.

In today’s world, where there is more money-less happiness, more facilities-less rest, more degrees-less knowledge, more educated people-less common sense, in other words life of everyone is in such a rush, people have no time to get them registered with a valuable institute to get to know more about Islam. There is a need of teaching about Islamic topics around the world. There is a need of clearing a lot of queries and confusions among Muslim Ummah and especially to Muslims living in Europe. America, Italy, China, Japan etc. to places where Muslims have not easy access to Islamic centers. Hence, UAalim is then established to facilitate the Muslims across the globe (Keeping in mind their convenience) and to provide them with the best yet reliable knowledge about Islam.

Summarizing the above article, I would like to say, that if you are a teacher and have knowledge about Islam get in touch with us. We provide you the best of opportunity to do this beautiful deed and in turn giving you a proper recognition and rewards for your valuable efforts.

Join hands in this campaign, and believe you me; you would be feel nothing but satisfied as ever.


Jazak Allah Khair