A true Muslim believes in hard work and getting a reward for that, if not in this world then in world/life hereafter because he/she knows that Allah (Swt) has something better for his/her. I am talking about the ideal scenario but in reality we are so away from the religion. We become so impatient and frustrated if we don’t get the reward in this world rather than having faith in His plans.

We usually plan something; we create the whole scenario in our mind and when it doesn’t work according to our plans we start doubting our faith. We start comparing our lives to somebody else’s. Rather than having faith in Him. We all do that. Instead of looking at the things we already blessed with. We wish and run after the things that are away from us. At the end we feel depressed, sad, frustrated and what not.

This is just an example of one aspect of our daily life. Money isn’t everything. Money isn’t happiness. For some people money is. But at the end of the day, don’t we all feel shallow inside? (For no apparent reason). There can be and there is only one reason and that is we are far away from our religion i.e. Islam. We have time for everything but  We are at a distant from Islam.

We are away from Islam. We read Quran but we don’t follow the teachings. We offer prayers (Namaz) but we hold grudges for our Muslim brother and sisters. We overlook the fact that Allah (Swt) will ask for Haqooq- ul Ibad (Rights of other person on you) and He will not forgive unless and until that person is willing to forgive on the Day of Judgment.

UAalim is established to do the following

  • To provide you an Islamic course online, that is just a click away
  • To facilitate Muslims around the globe by providing them a valuable source for conveying knowledge
  • To connect knowledge holders with knowledge seekers

What else can be better than putting a smile on your fellow brother/sister’s face?

If someone life is changed in a better yet positive way. What else can be greater than this?

If someone’s Emaan is recharged, what could be best then?

Summarizing the above I would like to say that we are giving teachers an opportunity to work with us, design the course in any language that is feasible to you. In turn we will publish your course free of cost Yes! You read that right. Many organizations give 10% bonus and that too in a year or twice a year. We are willing to give you 70% of the total revenue earned by us Be a part of Uaalim family and get in touch with our team. Work with us. And make this world a better place to live.