As the Holy month of Ramadan is approaching; it’s best to spend Ramadan at home with your family and is the best time for all the Muslims to reflect on their actions, behavior and gain understanding on the experiences of those who are less affluent than them. It’s basically an opportunity to get closer to ALLAH and your spiritual self as well. So, it’s best to stay at home so you can focus on your Ramadan goals properly.

If there comes any situation, in which it becomes necessary to travel then here we would like to share some exclusive travel tips with you to make your journey during Ramadan an easy and fulfilling one.

Schedule your traveling during Ramadan Intelligently:

There are many factors to keep in mind for Muslims who are traveling during Ramadan, the important ones being the time for Iftar (breaking of the fast at sunset) and Sahoor (the pre-dawn meal that forms the basis of subsistence for one’s fast during daylight hours. While you are open to pick an airline that operates a schedule that best fits your plans, it is wise to consider some variables that may affect these two daily markers of fasting. For instance, carry along a small packet of dates (to break the fast) in the event a delay in arrival happens! Trust me, you’ll be glad for this thing later.

No matter what, you have to offer the prayers:

You have to pray anyway so make a research about the places you are going to travel through. Take a praying mat along with you so you can offer your prayers in time even if you don’t find any mosque or prayer room nearby.

Make your Stock ready for Sahoor and Iftar:

Get yourself prepared for any unexpected situation for example traffic Jam or weather conditions which can make your flight late. So, it’s better to have a reasonable stock of food which you can use in case of emergency.

Your hotel will most likely be not prepared for your fasting needs during sahoor and iftar. Room service will normally be unavailable pre-dawn, and there is a chance that the room you are staying in; might lacks a microwave or a fridge.

So it is a good idea to stock up on food and drinks at a nearby local supermarket on the very first day to ensure that you have enough to last you during your stay. Bottles of mineral water, dates and protein bars are usually  good choices to keep your energy levels up while committing to the fasting schedule!

These are few tips that can help you to fast comfortably while traveling. If you find any other points helpful then do share with us. May ALLAH help us all during Ramadan and fill all our days with barakah.

Have happy traveling during Ramadan. 🙂