بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم

Sometimes it seems that when we choose to do something that Allah loves, the whole world turns on us. We are all of a sudden against the tide, forcing ourselves to move forward instead of letting ourselves be dragged back down. We may feel outcast, unwanted, lonely, dejected and it’s a challenge. You’ll find that the people have gone against you. Not necessarily you, but what you’re trying to aim for. The majority of us value the monetary.The majority of us appreciate the financial.

    Because apparently, that is “success.” The gains. The racks. That’s what it’s about. How much you can make. And if you’re making the stacks then you’ll find the people happy with you, smiling, they have all this hope for you. But when you start to strive for something different, something that won’t necessarily result in the monetary gain, they’re not too excited for you. Some may become unhappy with you, dissatisfied.

But the beautiful thing is, is if you’re patient and continue doing what you’re doing they will eventually the people will become happy with you. Eventually. We have to be the person who keeps moving forward in doing the good things that Allah loves, no matter what. It’ll be like climbing a mountain, but in the end, you’ll reach the top, and that will be a success for you, and they’ll want to have a part of that then.

   Striving to do good, despite the negative reactions of people is a form of Jihad, and how noble is that. A struggle. In the path of Allah. What Allah has to offer those individuals who strive for him is much more than what any human can give you. And they will see in the end who exactly were the successful one. But when will the time come for us to strive in doing the good deeds that would bring Allah’s pleasure. When? When will this opportunity be seized?  When is the time to take upon yourself this challenge? Isn’t the time now?

      Even if one loses something in this process of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would replace it for them, and give them something better. You never lose when spending in Allah’s way. Never. Do what you have to do, and Allah will suffice you. But you need to trust Allah first. And he will provide the sustenance you need to fulfill your duties. Only honor can come out of striving in His way for his pleasure, not a disgrace, or loss.

    The value of a person does not lie in possessions, wealth or appearance but it lies in his character and his Deen. His courage to resist the masses, his patience to endure, his generosity in speech and action.  These are the things that will help him in this life and the next. They die with him and never leave. But the people will leave you, so will the wealth. Into the hands of someone else.

      But among the things that will not leave but be a source of help to the person on that day is the children they nurtured to grow into believers who would pray for them after the parents passed. And they are one of the best investments a person can have. Instilling them with good morals and ethics for them to be good slaves is a success for you on yawl Qiyaamah  Insha Allah. It may not be the kind car you had or that big house. But it will be those healthy children. And we ask Allah to gift them to us.

I may have Dua for those who choose a different path in seeking Allah’s pleasure to make it easy for them. I ask Allah to give them courage, to pour upon them patience, to make the firm and steadiness and to give them victory and a great ending. Ameen ❤

Do not feel lonely on the road of righteousness because of the fewness of the walkers on it.“ – Ali (ra)

Fardawsa Yusuf

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