Twenty Sixteen it is. It’s New Year, and anybody can witness the excitement of this event over the social networking website. Everyone is celebrating and obviously they share their excitement over Face book, Instagram, twitter or what not. I just don’t find any reason to celebrate New Year.  First of all, it is not Islamic New Year.

Secondly of the following reasons

Condition of Palestine:

Syrian kids who have brutally killed:

Every Innocent life lost in terrorist attacks
From Pakistan-Afghanistan-France-Syria-Iraq-Burma (Around the world)


These incidents are nothing but a dreadful reminder to all the Muslims around the world, whether living in Europe or Asia or living in any part of the world.

In Quran:

“… Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.” [Al Quran 2:156]

There is no second opinion in that. We belong to HIM and we will return to him sooner or later. While we have this life, make the most of it in positive constructive way. We have heard about New Year’s resolution plus we have made a list of things that we aim to stick throughout the year. In my opinion we can make this list at any day, because we can start over anytime. We don’t need to wait for a year and then do so. Any point can be a defining and refining point in our lives.

Talking about the resolutions of New Year, a true Muslim or believer should adopt following basic things, and also he/she can use them as their new year’s resolution.

Do things for the sake of Allah (SWT):

Do your actions with respect to Allah (SWT). Align your intentions with His order and you will do best than ever. It is as simple that.

Show Gratitude:

Instead of complaining, show gratitude every single time. That’s how Allah will bless you even more.

Be kind:

Allah will reward His beings on the basis of his/her intentions plus actions. He will reward us on the basis of our intentions for doing well with others.

Summarizing the above, I would like to say add some positive tasks in your new resolution list and repeat them until you get used to of it. For example, never miss a prayer this year.

Teach Quran, which is the best thing one can do. Exchange of knowledge is a Sadqa-e-Jariya!.

Sadly speaking, we are Muslims, but our actions do not reflect the actual teachings of Islam. Make yourself a better human being and Muslim, as who knows this night be our last year to live.

Jazak Allah Khair!

ramsha warsi

4A. NUST. Moody. Bossy. Blessed with the Best.