In today’s world, there is a need to spread teaching of Quran around the globe, more specifically Muslims in Europe. They are facing the hardest time learning Islam. They do not have easy access to Islamic institutions. There are Muslims that wish to learn Arabic online. There are Muslims that are looking for reliable, trustworthy and dependable source I am talking about the Muslims living in non-Muslims countries. We all know about the difficulties faced by our Muslim brothers and sisters living in non-Muslim countries. Then is established to facilitate the Muslims around the world. To answer your unanswered questions, to answer your queries, to clear your confusions, to help you in understanding Islam, UAalim is a click away to help you in any issue regarding Islam. UAalim is giving every teacher an equal opportunity to be a part of us. Contact us. Be a part of our team. For typical organizations and institutions, they consider customer as their important and vital part. But UAalim considers its people equally important. It’s something more than generating profit to us.

The criteria of being a part of us are simple. If you are

  • Hafiz-e-Quran
  • Knows the rules of Recitation
  • Trained enough from any educational organizations
  • Exceptional grasp on Arabic, English and Urdu languages or any other language (that is suitable to you) to interact with their audiences and to deliver their lectures
  • Motivated to do better with each passing day.
  • Creative in designing the whole course

Hafiz e Quran is not a must condition for working with us. If you have done any other Islamic related courses, or any other course that is related to Islam, UAalim welcomes you on board with us. Be a part of this change, join hands with you.

In summarizing the above article, I would like to say that UAalim provides the exact platform that any one of us can desire. UAalim gives you complete freedom of designing your course, and if you have already designed a course, you can share with us too. Yes that’s right!

We will publish your course content free and give you 70% of the total money too earned by us.

Jazak’ Allah Khair

UAalim Team

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  1. I want to be one of ur team i didnt do any special islamic course bt i have attended islamic gatherings.. I may be of great help to u in sha allah..

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